Pentland BBQ

Two dives and a BBQ, what could be better.

A sunny day was on offer, despite the dodgy weather forecast and apart from a slight hitch at the start of the first dive when we were grounded on a sandbank at the entrance to the harbour it went off well.


Between dives the Club get down to the serious business of grilling and sharing out food.

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Malta 2015

Pentland Sub Aqua Club holiday in Malta

Expedition Organiser :- Alan Lissimore

Alan Lissimore (well composed), Karen Lissimore ( Photo bomber) ,Dave Simpson (measles man), Kevin Watson (big boy), Nicky Gibb (The fish), Niz Hasham (paddles for hands), Michelle Hasham (loves paddles), Sutherland Maciver (slow down taking pics) , Caroline Maciver (looks after Cisk for her man), Steve Taylor (not to be followed), Roberta McMath (P29 nuff said), Richard Pavey (deepest??), Gordon Henry, Jane Henry (most improved divers!!!), Bill Caldwell (accident prone), Kath Caldwell (looks after accident prone), Brian Lyell (wooden spoon DOH!!)and Christine Lyell (looks after him).



SMALL picture Aquatica Div Logo 2011Dive company used was Aquitica
Toni Bajada Street
St. Paul’s Bay
SPB 3225




Day 1
cirkewwa-marfa-pointDived at Cirkewwa (Marfa Point)
Dive one and the guide John split the group, one group finned out to the Patrol boat P29, another group were taken to Cirkewwa Arch.
Due to the sea conditions changing for the worse the guides decided for our second dive weMaoriG24 should load up and move to St Elmo Bay to dive the  which is a Tribal Class British Destroyer built in 1937. She was one of the destroyers used to hunt the Bismark, also on the Malta convoys. . She was in Grand Harbour Valletta in 1942 where she was bombed and sank. Later she was cut in two with the forepart refloated and sunk where she lies today in St Elmo Bay at 14 metres to the sea bed.


Day 2
um el faroudUm el Faroud, a Lybian Oil tanker 110 Metres long.
There was an explosion in one of the holds while in port killing 9 workers. It was taken out and scuttled where she lies today at Wied Iz Zurrieq.
She lies around 30 Meters down, with a 10 minute swim from the shore.dive_malta_subway_um_el_faroud

Some divers, due to limitations had a scenic dive.






Up to Paradise Bay to catch the ferry to Gozzo and The Blue Hole

Blue HoleDive 1
Another excellent scenic dive

Dive 2
Due to VERY heavy rain before and during the second dive, we descended for the first 5 metres through a milky haze which cleared lower down to give what was another great dive.



Day 4
One of the divers, Bill and wife Kathy said goodbye as they had to get back to the UK for a wedding,
The rest of us headed to
Kalkara CreekDive 1
SS Margit, a passenger ship located at Kalkara Creek. She was hit by a Stuka dive bomber on 19th April 1942 and sank leaving her mast and funnel above the surface, These were blown up to allow access.
She is well broken up and viz is not great but still a nice dive.
Due to its depth all could explore her.




Dive 2 X127 Water Lighter (Coralita) A nice easy dive but viz not the best.

Day 5

CirkewweBack to CikewwaThe Rozi
The group was again split with one group doing wreck dives and the second group scenic diving.
One group dived the The Rozi a patrol boat.

Second dive again split to scenic and P29
An exp29cellent week was had by all with a big thanks to our guides from Aquatica, John, Jesus, Tomara, Marta, Owen and Lucas.

Our wooden spoon was won by Brian Lyell for a back flip off the bench fully kitted.

A massive thanks to Alan Lissimore for all the hard work arranging the holiday.

Club Outing to Lochaline

In May this year 2015 Alan Lissimore organised a club trip to Lochaline Dive Centre

Our dinner on Sunday night

Our dinner on Sunday night

From Left we have Dave Simpson, Mo, Kev Watson, Niz Hasham, Alan Lissimore, Brian, Richard Pavey, Nicola Gibb, Roberta McMath and Steve Taylor.

We also had Sutherland Maciver and Rolly on the trip but they had to leave early as both work early Monday.


Two dives on day one, the first on John Preston wall followed by a dive on the Hispania. A great wreck with much to explore, has to be done in slack water.

Waiting for slack water we were treated to a display from 3 bottle nose dolphins. With some divers spotting the dolphins when on the wreck. There was a current running so inside the wreck was more comfortable.






Day two, and dive one on the Shuna, nice dive with no current and again lots to explore.shuna



rondo with the final dive on the Rondo, whe sits stern up, you decide how far down to go. Most of our group went to 25M.






A big Thanks has to go to Alan Lissimore who organised the trip, its his third time doing it so he is now very expert at it.

Thanks to Niz, Kev and Brian for transport, also Mo for doing co pilot on Monday!!

Our skipper Alan was on the ball and very knowlegable so thanks Alan.

Breakfast at the centre

Breakfat at the centre

We would recommend highly Lochaline Dive Centre, its one of the best we have been to.




The view from the centre

The view from the centre

Steve Taylor on Sound Diver

Capernwray 2015

Pentlands annual trip to a sunny Caperwray organised by Brian has been very successful with 3 trainees Richard, David and Grant  all doing well.

We have Richard almost as a Sport Diver, he has only to complete two more dives to obtain his qualification. It was David Gray and Grants first open water dive, both had a great time and completed many tests. Thanks to Mo, Kevin and Dave Simpson for their help as instructors, also Niz, Alan, Karen and Nicola for helping out with the Branch Divers.

On the trip were.

Mo,Roberta McMath, David Gray, Kevin Watson, Brian Lyell, Richard Pavey, Dave Simpson, Grant Thomson, Karen Lissimore, Alan Lissimore, Niz Hasham, Gordon Hendry, Jane Hendry and from Napier Steve Younger and Mikolaj Choragwicki.


Pictures in the gallery.

Divers at Capernwray

Divers at Capernwray


Scapa 2012

Scapa trip 26/5/12

nicfaceAfter much interest shown for this possible trip way back in june 2011, the foundations were cast & very slowly it started to come together.
After contacting various dive operators in Orkney, it was decided that Emily Turton from Radiant Queen charters was the one to go with, some operators didn’t even have the decency to reply!! Continue reading

Loch Long March 2012

On Sunday 11th March 2012 a few of PSAC’s divers headed for a days diving at Loch Long. An early start from Loanhead saw us arrive at The Pitstop around 9:00.
After a short discussion it was decided to head for The Caves.
Being the only people on this site we managed to get parked up no problem and kitted up for dive number one.
Having dived here many times before Mo was designated dive leader and within minutes of entering the loch we were at 29 Mts. Water temperature was not bad at 8 deg but the visibility was not great at about 3Mtrs.
Being early in the season there was not a lot of life but still it got rid of the cob webs and the dive gear was well tested.

Dive No.2 was a little further along the road to a site called The A Frames?? Unlike the first site, the car park was FULL and we ended up parked a little further away from the main site.
The area we chose to dive was being used by PADI trainees, so we had to fin a little way out to find some clearer water. Sutherland had taken his camera and has sent in these pictures.


Well for myself and the others this was the first dives of 2012 and a good chance to start checking all the gear was in good shape for the rest of 2012 and especially SCAPA in May.

Tenerife 2011

Brief relief on a reef in Tenerife

Sutherland Maviver

Sutherland Maviver

The summer of 2011 had not been kind to the diver folk of Scotland so it was with heady anticipation that we waited for the minibus to pick us up on the overcast morning at 7.00 pm. The minibus soon turned up and we made our way to the airport picking up others on the way. Continue reading