Committee Meeting held on Thursday 14th July 2016

Full version of accounts available if required.

Minutes of Pentland Sub Aqua Club

Committee Meeting held on Thursday 14th July 2016



B. Lyell, G. Henry, J. Henry, S. Taylor, D. Simpson, A. Lissimore, K. Lissimore, N. Hasham, U. Weigand, C. Mciver, S. Mciver, R. McMath, C. Craig.



  1. Simpson welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for coming.



  1. Smith, G. Dyer, D.Scott, K. Watson.


Matters Arising


Training Officer


  1. Lyell has decided to give up diving but is happy to continue on in the position of Training Officer at least until the next AGM.

Brian expressed concern about the lack of feedback when trying to organise training dives, this is further compounded by the lack of Branch Instructors within the branch.

Please ask yourself how many dive trips you have attended and how many you have helped organise.

  1. Taylor will organise a training day on the 4th Sunday of each month with a view to developing divers at all levels. It was also agreed that boat dives (where suitable) should be included in Branch Divers progression to Sport Diver.

Dave will organise the necessary lectures for those who require them.


  1. Henry presented figures showing the branches financial position:

Several points were made:

  • These figures are accurate from when Gordon took over as Treasurer; income before this date in relation to Mull trip is not recorded.
  • A deduction of £1200 to St Abbs Lifeboat fund is pending.
  • Pool fees from other branches shows us where we are making money.
  • Future kit servicing will incur cost to the branch.
  • Overall, we are in a good position financially. It was proposed that BI’s get their air covered when taking out trainees to offer an incentive and to show appreciation to the BI.


 Simpson has now taken over the running of the website. Any items for inclusion or feedback about the website should be provided through Dave.

Any member can contribute to the PSAC Facebook page directly or via Karen. Regular contributions keep the website and Facebook interesting to current members and prospective members.


 Two weight harnesses have been bought for branch. Dave has consulted with SSAC and has carried out a risk assessment, the necessary training material will be updated.

Several items of kit are now requiring test, Niz will schedule these over the coming months. One octopus regulator is missing, it was decided to purchase a replacement. No changes to branch equipment should be made without approval from Equipment Officer or BDO. Most of the current trainees now have their own kit, Niz asked that they provide plenty of notification should they require club kit and ideally collect it themselves from him if he cannot attend the pool. It was agreed that Niz remove his branch fees in lieu of him storing and transporting kit.

It was agreed that the branch purchase a defibrillator which could be taken with the O2 kit on dive trips. Dave has agreed to look into the purchase of a suitable model along with suitable first aid equipment.

The test status of the O2 kit will be checked by Niz.


Quiz Night

This year’s Quiz night will take place on Saturday 15th October, Brian Smith has kindy offered to be quizmaster again.

Xmas Night Out

This year’s Xmas meal will take place at the Mayflower in Loanhead on Saturday 10th December.

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