Join Us

We meet every Tuesday night from 20:30 to 21:30 at The Royal Commonwealth Pool

Try Dive

Dave Simpson with a Try Dive

Why not come along and have a go. If you would like to try, please contact Dave Simpson at or the Training Officer

This will allow us to arrange a try dive for you.
All you need is your swim costume and £4.00 for pool fees.

Should you wish to continue with this exciting sport and wish to join our club then below is the information on costs.

PSAC club membership :-

No joining fee

Annual membership fee £40

Pool fee of £4.00 plus £1 if you need a club cylinder each Tuesday when you are at the pool.

You can pay by direct debt £14 monthly which includes pool fees


Before you can begin training with an aqualung you need to be a member of ScotSAC please visit their website and click on – how much will it cost – for current fees.