Due to the ongoing situation with the Coronavirus, Edinburgh Leisure has closed the pool, this means all indoor training from PSAC will now cease until further notice.

Stay safe all

AGM 2020

This years AGM, held at The Toby Carvery was well attended. The new committee was elected, with Dave Simpson stepping down from Chair, Rosie Graham has now taken up that position, Dave will continue as Diving Officer.

Brian Lyell retired from treasurer and this has now been filled by Rob Clark.

Brian has aslo given the website to Iain Gibson.

Roberta will stay on as Training Officer also Steve Taylor remaining as Secretary.

Michael Groat was elected as Social Secretary and Graeme Dyer was added to the committee as an ordinasy member.

Good luck to the 2020 Comittee


This years AGM will be held in The Tobery Carvery on the 12th March at 19:30.

Please make every effort to attend, it’s your club.

You may get to meet Andy Tasker


Pool closure 28th May

Conmmonweath Pool closure 28th May so we will not be able to use it. Back the following Tuesday

Committee meeting

All members of PSAC are invited to committee meeting at Commonwealth Pool at 6:30pm on 14th May. Agenda to be sent out via email week before meeting


On 21st February 23 members of PSAC joined together for our AGM. It was great to see a mix of members, with an annual appearance of Andy Tasker, next year we may need to book a room, such as Usher Hall, instead of meeting in a bar

Dave Simpson was again elected chair and BDO but indicated this would be his last year as chair
Steve Taylor remains Secretary and Roberta Gray-McMath remains training officer. Gordon Henry has agreed to remain treasurer until we can find a replacement for him (but who could replace him)
One of PSAC’s founder members Steve Gibson has rejoined the branch and was elected equipment officer. Last year there were two ordinary members on the committee now we have 5. Rolly Wiegand and Sutherland MacIver are now joined by Radu Serban, Robert Clark and David Gray-McMath

As an aside, Niz asked if he was on the naughty step, it was pointed out he was not on the PSAC naughty step but that he may (probably) is on another naughty step