Training in the pool

OK if you have clicked on the training link then you are interested in taking up diving, and want to know a bit more about what is involved.

Training is carried out in Scotland by two methods. The first is what is sometimes called the “Fast-track” method which most of the dive shops and diving schools use. With this method they promise to train you within a week or over a couple of weekends. This is an ideal method for training if you were on a holiday resort and time was limited, however this can also prove to be an expensive way to learn and the qualification you will receive is only the most basic level.

Learning to dive with a Scottish Sub-Aqua Club may take a little longer but you will have a qualification that is recognised world-wide and is synonymous with safety and high standards. Remember there is no substitute for good quality training and experience

Training is done on a Tuesday night between 8:30pm and 9:30pm at The Royal Commonwealth Pool .

This gives us the advantage of using the diving pool which is 5m deep for a full 25m allowing a more realistic feel to your training. and as the pool has floating floor, when required we can have the pool adjusted up to any depth shallower than 5M if required.

To start off you will undertake a swimming assessment.  You do not have to be an Olympic swimmer to do this but you must be competent in the water and at least 18 years old.

As with all the training it is not a race and is done at your own pace.

Once you have completed your swimming assessment you will begin snorkel training.  This has two purposes, firstly to introduce you to the basic equipment and teach you the basic skills required, and secondly to allow you to continue to come along to the pool while you wait on your membership coming through to our governing body SCOTSAC (Scottish Sub Aqua Club, the governing body of all scuba diving clubs in Scotland).  In order to commence training on the aqua lung you have to join SCOTSAC – more details on that later. Once you have your membership through you can commence pool training on the aqua lung.

While you go through your training you will keep a record of the assessments that you have undertaken, while a central record will also be kept. Whilst you are going through your pool training you will also need to go through a series of lectures.  These are used to give you the theoretical knowledge required for diving too.  At the end of the lectures there will be a test.  Notes will be provided for the lectures, but it is advisable to turn up to as many of them as possible.  The lectures will be run periodically throughout the year, so don’t worry if they are not happening when you begin your training.

All necessary equipment for pool training is supplied by the club.  The only expenses are £4.00 per pool session and club membership of £40.00, paid annually. If you wish you can pay by direct debit (£14 per month) which covers both pool fees and club membership.  We do say, however, that you might want to purchase your own mask and snorkel.  This means that you get a mask that fits you properly and a snorkel that only you have used!!!  Masks cost from approximately £30 upwards, with snorkels costing approximately £10.  The only other expense that you will need to pay out is your membership to SCOTSAC , check their website for current prices.
The membership will give you your training manuals, your insurance and six issues of the Scottish Diver magazine every year.

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