Pentland Sub-Aqua Club was formed in the summer of 1993 when the new Leisure Centre at Loanhead opened to the public.

Loanhead Leisure Centre

The Club brings together a group of fun loving people from all walks of life

The branch was formed by a group of  fully qualified and experienced divers who were members of the Scottish Sub-Aqua Club. (The Governing body for the sport in Scotland).

The main reason for starting up the new branch was to allow the members of the local community to learn a new and exciting hobby.

As the Scottish Sub-Aqua Club’s training and safety record is second to none and envied by every other dive organisation in the world, Pentland Sub-Aqua Club wanted to be part of ScotSAC (as it is known within the branch).

In 2011 the club, due to various reasons, decided to move from Loanhead and relocate to The Royal Commonwealth Pool,Old Dalkeith Rd, Edinburgh.

We use the 25M diving pool which with a movable floor can be set from 1M to 5M depths.RCP_etour