Boat Dive to Bass Rock August 2008

Boat Dive to Bass Rock August 2008

 Following my aerial recon 2 years ago I finally was ready to dive the Bass Rock.

 Situated in the Firth of Forth, the island is home to the odd sea bird or thousand.

Everyone but Kim had been on the  Pegasus before and so we quickly got ourselves sorted.

Confidence was high for most members of the team, but Mike insisted on bringing 2 canoes to Dunbar harbour, just in case ( I think he had been watching the Cockleshell Heroes).

Brian decided that he needed to check the boat’s hull, which was just as well as he found his keys on the harbour bed.
Rolly watched Brian The rest of us just waited ………..and waited.

Finally we set off. The journey was a bit rough so there was no sunbathing and after an hour we were there. Once the skipper briefed us, we quickly got kitted up. And then the skipper briefed everyone again as we needed to move to a calmer location.
I was diving with Eddie, who was to lead as I was wanting to play with my camera. Once underwater I took a few few (not very good) photos but at least Eddie knew where I was, as the flash on my camera was very bright. Lobsters, crabs were busy moving about ( usually trying to get away from us. As well as butterfish.
Deadmens fingers provided a backdrop to the dive. All to soon it was time to surface. Eddie set up the smb which I inflated, then, avoiding the jelly fish, it was up to the waiting boat – Ok we did the waiting but not for long.

The last to come up were Kim and Kevin. I have no idea what they were upto but Kim could not stop laughing. Their dive was the deepest at 32 metres and she did see a pogge.
The journey back was again a bit bumpy but we finally arrived at the harbour  in  the dead of night from where we headed home – or the pub.
Divers were Eddie and myself, Marc and Alan, Mike and Rolly, Dave and Brian, Kevin and Kim, and finally from Peebles Hugh and Ally. Dive Safari provided the boat and cups of tea, whilst Dave and Marc provide the smoke screen.