Capernwray 2011

On weekend 2nd – 3rd April 2011 Some on PSAC ventured South for a training weekend. Guess where we went?

cpniz04Marc Forrest (Training Officer) arranged a training weekend at Capernwray. Some left early on Saturday morning had a couple of dives and went home Dave, Mo and Tam whilst the more adventurous Niz, Dave (dancing Dave) and Malcolm stayed overnight in the holiday resort of Morecambe ( well in 1970 it was). The rest of the group Derrick, Alan, Karen, Brian and Christine joined them in Morecambe on Saturday night.

Finally Steve Faulkner joined the group on Sunday

This was Daves (dancing Dave) first open water dive and from accounts from his fellow divers say that the smile stayed on his face for quite some time after!!

Well done Dave

Thanks to Niz and Brian for pictures