Capernwray 2015

Pentlands annual trip to a sunny Caperwray organised by Brian has been very successful with 3 trainees Richard, David and Grant  all doing well.

We have Richard almost as a Sport Diver, he has only to complete two more dives to obtain his qualification. It was David Gray and Grants first open water dive, both had a great time and completed many tests. Thanks to Mo, Kevin and Dave Simpson for their help as instructors, also Niz, Alan, Karen and Nicola for helping out with the Branch Divers.

On the trip were.

Mo,Roberta McMath, David Gray, Kevin Watson, Brian Lyell, Richard Pavey, Dave Simpson, Grant Thomson, Karen Lissimore, Alan Lissimore, Niz Hasham, Gordon Hendry, Jane Hendry and from Napier Steve Younger and Mikolaj Choragwicki.


Pictures in the gallery.

Divers at Capernwray
Divers at Capernwray


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