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This weekend saw PSAC head down to a favourite training site, Capernwray.

The first group which were Dave Simpson, Graeme Dyer, Mo, Roberta Mcmath,David Gray and Michael Sproat arrived on Friday completing checks and assessments.

On Saturday the group were joined by Gordon Henry and Brian Lyell. On Sunday Alan and Karen Lissimore joined us with Karen testing her new fins and Alan a new camera. We await the videos/pictures.

Whilst the weather was fair and not too cold, the same couldn’t be said about the water, it being a parky 4C which limited the time some could last.

Mo took Gordon in for what we all hoped would be his last dive as a Branch Diver as he had only the one test to do. When they returned it was with a big smile on Gordons face, he is now a Sport Diver!

At the same time Michael was on his last tests towards his Branch Diver qualification. Dave took Michael in and we are pleased to say he is now a Branch Diver.

Graeme Dyer had a little more tests to do and on Saturday he passed two more leaving him very close to his Sport Diver qualification. This should be done and dusted on his next outing we hope. So near now Graeme.

Well done to Roberta for organising a great weekend, shame you couldnt arrange for the quarry to be a little warmer.