Capernwray Training Weekend

This weekend 9th to 10th Novenber 2019 and PSAC had a training weekend down at a favourite spot, Capernwray.

The trip was organised by Training officer Roberta McMath. With 16 divers completing a total of 91 dives!!!


All returned after having a great time.

Congratuations to…..

Rosie Graham who qualified as Sports Diver

GP who also qualified as Sports Diver

Val Potts who has newly joined and has already qualified as a Branch Diver.


Sports Diver Rosie
GP now Sports Diver
Branch Diver Valerie










Other sports divers also doing master diver training and assessments


A big thanks goes to Roberta for organising the weekend, also instructors Dave Simpson, Mo, Stevie Gibson and of course Roberta, not forgeting David Gray (trainee instructor) for giving up their time to go down and help out.

Pictures from Roberta.


Roberta off to Maldives

Congratulations to PSAC’s Training Officer Roberta McMath who has won a place on Biosphere Expeditions diving expeditions and has opted to go to the Maldives.

All at the club wish you a fantastic trip and look forward to hearing about and seeing some pictures.

Roberta said “Time stood still as shock and excitement both set in after reading the email for the third time to say I was the winner. Thank you to all at Biosphere Expeditions, Reef Check Foundation and Marine Conservation Society for the opportunity of a lifetime!”

Lanzarote 2018

Just back from a wonderful diving holiday in Lanzarote, where we dived with a great bunch of guys from Dive Safari.

Most did 2 dives per day with an extra dive on the Tuesday, this being the night dive.

Dives were a mix of shore dives and boat dives around Puerto del Carmen.  There was an abundance of marine life to see, Angel Sharks, Barracuda, Octupus, Sea Horses and lots more, I hope shortly to get some pictures from those who had cameras to show. On the Wednesday we dived Museo Atlántico which is sculptures in aound 12 – 14 metres underwater on the south coast in the Bahia de Las Coloradas. These were done by Jason deCaires Taylor a British sculptor. Opened in January 2017 they are to show what we are doing to our planet with the 300 life sized humans. Our guide told us that the 35 figures going to the opening in the wall were taken  of real people on the island. The area now has lots of marine life to see, we spotted 3 Angel Sharks with one making an attempt to eat Kev’s GoPro! The second dive being a wall dive which all enjoyed.

On the Sunday before we headed home we went off for a very dirty drive around the island in buggies with Buggies Lanzarote who are based at Puerto Calero Marina. This is a great day out driving through roads / tracks of lava where you get VERY dirty but have great fun negotiating your way along the tracks trying to follow another buggie through dense clouds of lava dust.

A massive thanks goes to Niz Hasham for arranging this wonderful holiday from flights, hotel, diving and the buggies.
Angel shark by Roberta
Octopus by Roberta
Kevin and Nicky
Octopus by Roberta
Octopus taken by Roberta
From Roberta

Return trip from Museo Atlantico on the high speed RHIB

Capernwray March 2018

This weekend saw PSAC head down to a favourite training site, Capernwray.

The first group which were Dave Simpson, Graeme Dyer, Mo, Roberta Mcmath,David Gray and Michael Sproat arrived on Friday completing checks and assessments.

On Saturday the group were joined by Gordon Henry and Brian Lyell. On Sunday Alan and Karen Lissimore joined us with Karen testing her new fins and Alan a new camera. We await the videos/pictures.

Whilst the weather was fair and not too cold, the same couldn’t be said about the water, it being a parky 4C which limited the time some could last.

Mo took Gordon in for what we all hoped would be his last dive as a Branch Diver as he had only the one test to do. When they returned it was with a big smile on Gordons face, he is now a Sport Diver!

At the same time Michael was on his last tests towards his Branch Diver qualification. Dave took Michael in and we are pleased to say he is now a Branch Diver.

Graeme Dyer had a little more tests to do and on Saturday he passed two more leaving him very close to his Sport Diver qualification. This should be done and dusted on his next outing we hope. So near now Graeme.

Well done to Roberta for organising a great weekend, shame you couldnt arrange for the quarry to be a little warmer.

Malta 2015

Pentland Sub Aqua Club holiday in Malta

Expedition Organiser :- Alan Lissimore

Alan Lissimore (well composed), Karen Lissimore ( Photo bomber) ,Dave Simpson (measles man), Kevin Watson (big boy), Nicky Gibb (The fish), Niz Hasham (paddles for hands), Michelle Hasham (loves paddles), Sutherland Maciver (slow down taking pics) , Caroline Maciver (looks after Cisk for her man), Steve Taylor (not to be followed), Roberta McMath (P29 nuff said), Richard Pavey (deepest??), Gordon Henry, Jane Henry (most improved divers!!!), Bill Caldwell (accident prone), Kath Caldwell (looks after accident prone), Brian Lyell (wooden spoon DOH!!)and Christine Lyell (looks after him).



SMALL picture Aquatica Div Logo 2011Dive company used was Aquitica
Toni Bajada Street
St. Paul’s Bay
SPB 3225




Day 1
cirkewwa-marfa-pointDived at Cirkewwa (Marfa Point)
Dive one and the guide John split the group, one group finned out to the Patrol boat P29, another group were taken to Cirkewwa Arch.
Due to the sea conditions changing for the worse the guides decided for our second dive weMaoriG24 should load up and move to St Elmo Bay to dive the  which is a Tribal Class British Destroyer built in 1937. She was one of the destroyers used to hunt the Bismark, also on the Malta convoys. . She was in Grand Harbour Valletta in 1942 where she was bombed and sank. Later she was cut in two with the forepart refloated and sunk where she lies today in St Elmo Bay at 14 metres to the sea bed.


Day 2
um el faroudUm el Faroud, a Lybian Oil tanker 110 Metres long.
There was an explosion in one of the holds while in port killing 9 workers. It was taken out and scuttled where she lies today at Wied Iz Zurrieq.
She lies around 30 Meters down, with a 10 minute swim from the shore.dive_malta_subway_um_el_faroud

Some divers, due to limitations had a scenic dive.






Up to Paradise Bay to catch the ferry to Gozzo and The Blue Hole

Blue HoleDive 1
Another excellent scenic dive

Dive 2
Due to VERY heavy rain before and during the second dive, we descended for the first 5 metres through a milky haze which cleared lower down to give what was another great dive.



Day 4
One of the divers, Bill and wife Kathy said goodbye as they had to get back to the UK for a wedding,
The rest of us headed to
Kalkara CreekDive 1
SS Margit, a passenger ship located at Kalkara Creek. She was hit by a Stuka dive bomber on 19th April 1942 and sank leaving her mast and funnel above the surface, These were blown up to allow access.
She is well broken up and viz is not great but still a nice dive.
Due to its depth all could explore her.




Dive 2 X127 Water Lighter (Coralita) A nice easy dive but viz not the best.

Day 5

CirkewweBack to CikewwaThe Rozi
The group was again split with one group doing wreck dives and the second group scenic diving.
One group dived the The Rozi a patrol boat.

Second dive again split to scenic and P29
An exp29cellent week was had by all with a big thanks to our guides from Aquatica, John, Jesus, Tomara, Marta, Owen and Lucas.

Our wooden spoon was won by Brian Lyell for a back flip off the bench fully kitted.

A massive thanks to Alan Lissimore for all the hard work arranging the holiday.