Tuesday Evening 21st August 2018 Boat Dive

Just back from yet another great dive at St Abbs on Shore Diver. This evening we went to West Hurkers where sea temperature was a nice 14deg and again lots of marine life to see.

On this evenings dive we had Roberta,Giampaolo, Steve Taylor, Graeme Dyer, Rob Clark,  Steve Younger (Napier), Alan Lissimore, Brian Lyell, George and Iain from MUSAC.

All reporetd having a relaxed dive with the only casualty being an SMB reel.

Diving 14th August 2018

Our Tuesday evening dive this week on Shore Diver was at The Craig, with the weather not as good as previous dives and a bit of a swell. Diving tonight were Dave, Alan, Brian, David, Graeme, Steve (Napier), Iain and George (MSAC) We all managed in and there was a little swell on with visability down on what we had before. Lots of large lobster and crabs, not many fish around, but we did spot a Butterish (Pholis Gunellus). Thanks to Roberta for rganising the dive.   Short video of it below

Diving 5th August 2018

On Sunday the 5th August 2018, a nice sunny day, a few of PSAC had a great days diving at St Abbs onboard Shore Diver, with Paul Crowe of Dive St Abbs our skipper.

Dive one was at West Hurkers with good visability and a sea temperature of 14c,  where as usual there was plenty of marine life, Lobsters, Crabs, Wrasse, Ling, Angler Fish and more.

On our second dive Hugh Fraser our Regional Coach joined us. We were taken to Weasel Loch where again there was plenty of marine life, this time an Octopus was spotted alongside the abundant fish.

On both dives we spotted Dolphins on the return to harbour.

Thanks to Paul of Dive St Abbs for 2 geat dives and Roberta for once again organising.

A short video of Dave Simpson and Michael Groat deploying SMB.

Some pictures taken onboard Shore Diver as we head out to Weasel Loch

Tuesday Evening Boat Dive

As the club do not have the use of The Royal Commonwealth pool over the summer months, Roberta has kindly arranged for evening boat/shore dives down the east coast. This Tuesday 26th June was our first evening outing.

The weather was good and sea a little choppy but easy diveable.

Boat for the dive was our usual, Shore Diver, run by Dive StAbbs and skippered by Paul Crowe.

On the dive were Roberta Mcmath, David Gray, Dave Simpson, Mo, Steve Taylor, Steve Younger, Graeme Dyer and Brian Lyell. Dive site, The Gullies.

Entry into the water was in one of the gullies around 6M then heading North out of the gully into around 16 – 20 Metres depth where we saw lots of marine life, large crabs, Lobsters, Wrasse,Wolf Fish, Octopus to name a few.

We were treated to a great display of the underwater abilities of the Guillemot as they dived down to us on our safety stops coming within a metre of us.

Thanks to Roberta for a great evening dive.

Club day at St Abbs

Pentland club members enjoy a lovely day at St Abbs on Shore Diver oper

Alan prepares for dive 2

ated by Paul Crowe of Dive St Abbs.

First dive on Black Carr where some divers spotted an Octopus and some Wrasse. Not a deep dive but a very relaxing first dive.

A short lunch break before our second dive.

Second dive in the afternoon was split, with some going to West Hurkers and the rest doing a wreck called S.S. Glanmire. This lies approx 550Metres off St Abbs Head an 1100 ton ship which sank on July 25th 1912 lying around 30meters deep.  Divers who dived the Glanmire reporing a great dive, with viz good and most getting to the boilers and prop, both very large. Not a great amount of marine life but still some large crabs, Lobster and Pollock.

The other group reporting seeing lots of see life. Some pictures below from Sutherland.

We had Richard Pavey completing his 100th dive on the Glanmire. Congratulations Richard.

Also big thanks to skipper Paul Crowe of Dive St Abbs for once again doing a great job. Thanks also to Roberta McMath for a well organised days diving.

We look forward to the next one on July 8th.