Club day at St Abbs

Pentland club members enjoy a lovely day at St Abbs on Shore Diver oper

Alan prepares for dive 2

ated by Paul Crowe of Dive St Abbs.

First dive on Black Carr where some divers spotted an Octopus and some Wrasse. Not a deep dive but a very relaxing first dive.

A short lunch break before our second dive.

Second dive in the afternoon was split, with some going to West Hurkers and the rest doing a wreck called S.S. Glanmire. This lies approx 550Metres off St Abbs Head an 1100 ton ship which sank on July 25th 1912 lying around 30meters deep.  Divers who dived the Glanmire reporing a great dive, with viz good and most getting to the boilers and prop, both very large. Not a great amount of marine life but still some large crabs, Lobster and Pollock.

The other group reporting seeing lots of see life. Some pictures below from Sutherland.

We had Richard Pavey completing his 100th dive on the Glanmire. Congratulations Richard.

Also big thanks to skipper Paul Crowe of Dive St Abbs for once again doing a great job. Thanks also to Roberta McMath for a well organised days diving.

We look forward to the next one on July 8th.

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