Dive Day at Greenends

On Sunday 24th May some club members along with Napier divers went to Greenends Gulley (Eyemouth)

groupat greenendsThe weather turned out great for the day which started with what I thought would be a nice lazy dive. The pairing saw me buddied up with Dave Simpson ( well known for relaxed diving). For some reason Dave changed his style and I found myself unable to keep up!! Things got worse when we came out of the protection of the gulley, we quickly found out how strong the current was. When we both surfaced we were quite a bit out. Being not as fit as I use to be, the long fin back to shore was agonisingly LONG!!

Alan who was diving with Karen decided not to follows us (lucky them).

The second group of divers, Kevin, Steve. Marc and Kim all seemed to enjoy there dives.

Marc after his dive
Marc after his dive

BBQ,s were set up inbetween dives.


Most of the group went in for the second dive which I found much easier.