Niz and Brian in Cyprus

September 2018 Niz and Brian Lyell were both in Cyprus on their annual holidays. Niz had suggested a dive on one of the worlds best wreck dives The MS Zenobia, a Roll on Roll of ferry which sank just outside Larnaka harbour on June 1980 when the computers controlling the ballast went wrong  and she rolled over and sank on her port side.

First dive they were taken to the stern where the lorries are lying on the seabed around 40M although a couple of lorries are still chained to the deck.

Then through the roll on ramps to the rudder and prop.

Second dive they were taken through the wheelhouse then up to the bow where the spare anchor can be seen before heading into the canteen. The tartan carpet although now mostly gone can still be seen along with the tray worktop and coffee machines, with another room, a toilet behind.

A great dive which they both highly recommend and thanked Marine Divers of Cyprus.

They were guided by Kevin of Marine Divers.

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