Tuesday Evening Boat Dive

As the club do not have the use of The Royal Commonwealth pool over the summer months, Roberta has kindly arranged for evening boat/shore dives down the east coast. This Tuesday 26th June was our first evening outing.

The weather was good and sea a little choppy but easy diveable.

Boat for the dive was our usual, Shore Diver, run by Dive StAbbs and skippered by Paul Crowe.

On the dive were Roberta Mcmath, David Gray, Dave Simpson, Mo, Steve Taylor, Steve Younger, Graeme Dyer and Brian Lyell. Dive site, The Gullies.

Entry into the water was in one of the gullies around 6M then heading North out of the gully into around 16 – 20 Metres depth where we saw lots of marine life, large crabs, Lobsters, Wrasse,Wolf Fish, Octopus to name a few.

We were treated to a great display of the underwater abilities of the Guillemot as they dived down to us on our safety stops coming within a metre of us.

Thanks to Roberta for a great evening dive.

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